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 Karen Justice is currently working on 12 books for children called…


The Everglades is one of the most unique environments on the planet and a place of wonders. Ground waters released from aquifers sustain thousands of Ecosystems. They ripple through places with romantic names – Everglades City, Paradise Key, Flamingo, Shark Valley, the Gumbo Limo Trail and Ten Thousand Islands. The Everglades hang precariously perched on the edge of our day to day world. It is the largest bird sanctuary in the world. Over 700 species of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles find shelter there. This refuge is a liquid landscape – a flowing river of grass. It’s the stuff of legend and home to a cast of extremely colorful characters. You’ll be introduced to Gators asleep in their Gator holes, bright pink Spoonbills, the Florida Manatee, Cuban Tree Frogs, Panthers and Mermaids. Karen reveals the secret stuff that goes on in this mystical wilderness. Behind every face is a heart. Each character in the Everglades has their own “big story” and those stories interact. There are no disposable parts of this wild wondrous world nicknamed “Lake of the Holy Spirit” by early explorers. That’s why you might see the occasional character pop in and out. You might wonder, “Who the heck is that? Where did he come from? What’s he up to?” Well you’ll probably find out in a future story. We should warn you that Karen loves to have fun with words. She does not follow all the rules. Get ready. The series is a fun filled work of heart.


Book Titles…

Mermaids Love Manatees     The Big Scary

Pelican Pals     Orchid's Tail

Tiny Turtle Tracks     Gossip Bully

Wonderfill     Calling Dolphins

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