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Meet Sparkle the mermaid who loves Manatees.

Meet-Sparkle-and-HugglyFor centuries tales have been told of mythical Mermaids. Pirates and sailors reported instantly falling in love with the beautiful golden haired sirens. People who felt the need to discredit such “crazy” stories rudely scoffed. Their argument was that in every case, a gentle shy Manatee was mistaken for the glittering mermaids of legend.

True believers just roll their eyes – wouldn’t a grey lumpy whiskered Manatee and a golden haired Mermaid be pretty hard to confuse?

The truth is Simple. Mermaids care for Manatees and they swim together often. So if you see one…you just might be lucky enough to glimpse the other.

I’m currently working on a 12 Book series called Alligator Alley

Karen JusticeThe Everglades is one of the most unique environments on the planet and a place of wonders. Ground waters released from aquifers sustain thousands of eco-systems. They ripple through places with romantic names – Everglade City, Paradise Key, Flamingo, Shark Valley, the Gumbo Limbo Trail, Florida Bay and Ten Thousand islands. The Everglades is the largest bird sanctuary in the world. Over 700 species of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles find shelter there. It’s the stuff of legend and home to a cast of extremely colorful characters. You’ll be introduced to Gators asleep in their Gator holes, bright pink Spoonbills, the Florida Manatee, Cuban Tree Frogs, Panthers and Mermaids. This is a work of Heart.

Preview a random Sampling of Illustrations for my 12 book Series:
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SampleMLM   Tiny Turtle Tracks   Night-falls

Bubba and Eggbird   Calling-All-Dolphins    Baby-manatee's-pop-up


Orchids-Tail-cover   Mermaid-City   

Sparkle-And-Spirit   Mermaid-Cove   

now-moment   Sad-Huggly   Heart-Sparkles-on-Huggly's-head