In choosing the name Tigre Lis – Karen Justice chose the French name for tiger lily – tiger to communicate the strength of her determination, and lily for the romantic inspiration of her designs.

Karen is a prolific designer and Tigre Lis received a great deal of publicity through the years. Some of the earliest appears in these fun news clips and interviews from the Eighties. Check out the shoulder pads!  lol

The TIGRE LIS line of hand-sculptured jewelry consists of original works of art whose delicate lines are delightful colors have a romantic appeal for women of all ages.



Each piece has the artist’s initials appearing in gold on the back as a hallmark of the exceptional care with which the work was created.


The clay used in the creation of the jewelry is a special molding compound that is very durable, yet flexible.  The colors are mixed right into the clay, they are not painted on except for rare occasions when surface paint is an integral part of the design.


The various collections and pieces adapt to any wardrobe.  When combined with individual clothing styles and colors, the jewelry creates such a distinctive and memorable look that wearers are often asked, “Where did you get that necklace?”

In 1984 Karen used her animal designs as the foundation for the jewelry line, Tigre Lis Enterprises. The designs were sold to upscale retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, amongst other boutiques throughout the US. The company opened offices in Canada, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Paris. Tigre Lis has appeared in some of the world’s top international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Women’s Wear Daily, Women’s World, Seventeen Magazine and Family Circle.